Refer also to the AOCRA Age Divisions page for the age group definitions for competitive paddlers.

Adult$250.00A single adult membership, access to all training sessions, club equipment. In excess of 100 available training sessions per year. AOCRA membership to be held with GCOCC.
FIFO Adult$150.00A single FIFO adult membership (previously known as our Interstate Membership). A member of GCOCC living a minimum of 100km from the GCOCC HQ (Aquatic Centre) and not attending regular training sessions. AOCRA membership can be held with GCOCC or another AOCRA club. Transfers are required if competing for GCOCC at any AOCRA event. Can attend up to 12 training sessions per year.
Associate Member$100.00A non-paddling GCOCC supporter. Does not need to be a member of AOCRA.
JuniorsFor all junior membership details contact our Junior Manager: