For those who have decided to sign up – welcome to Team Gold Coast! The steps required to join our club are outlined below.

Firstly, some membership details:

Membership costs and benefits

Its an annual membership. The membership fee is currently

  • $250 for adults

FIFO Adult Membership (conditions apply)

  • $150.00

Associate members

  • $100 for non-paddling GCOCC supporters (no need for AOCRA membership)

You can view more details of our membership categories here.

Memberships are renewable on the anniversary of joining.

Your membership will help to cover:

  • Canoe Insurance for club canoes
  • Trailer registration, insurance and maintenance
  • The Coomera Lake club shed – Club HQ
  • Maintenance of club canoes and equipment
  • Club membership of AOCRA and Paddle Queensland

Your annual membership does not cover some possible costs for you including:

  • Race / Regatta Fees and Accommodation
  • Towing Fees (for regattas)
  • Club uniforms
  • Your share of canoe hire where applicable e.g. at regattas when borrowing other clubs canoes
  • Club refreshments made available at the shed

If you are transferring from another club, please contact the club secretary prior to completing the membership form – Contact Us

Signing Up

The following steps are required for each new member.


Please click on the link below to read and understand our club Code of Conduct. Printed copies are also available from the club secretary.

You will be asked to verify you have read and understood this code.

GCOCC Code of Conduct


Fill in and submit a New Membership application for each person joining.

Applications will be automatically emailed to the club secretary on submission.



AOCRA membership is not required for non-paddling members.

Due to our affiliation, all paddling members are required to join AOCRA – the national outrigger canoe association – after confirmation of your membership. Fees must be paid direct to AOCRA.

 Join AOCRA here.

Note: take care on the password you create on the AOCRA website as it is not encrypted – do not use one that you use anywhere else.


Once we have received your membership form and confirmation of your AOCRA membership (which will be automatically sent to us by AOCRA) the treasurer will email you your membership invoice.

Once you have paid your membership invoice, we will be able to approve your membership and the Registrar will confirm your full financial membership via email.


Join us on Facebook

Once you are a member join our Members Only Facebook pages for current training times and locations and other club news. This is an important step to enable your participation in club activities.

For senior paddlers join us here – GCOCC Senior Members Only Page (private group).


Once you have joined we will provide an induction program to introduce you to the basics of outrigger canoeing:

  • stroke technique
  • the six man canoe layout and role of each paddler
  • use and care of equipment.

We encourage all new members – including experienced paddlers – to work through the induction program so that club members have a common understanding of the basics of the sport and a common terminology.


Please read the club constitution and become familiar with its contents.