Club Membership

We strive to create an inviting atmosphere which unites our members across all age groups, paddling goals and locations across the country.  Good sportsmanship and a family oriented environment is promoted – we encourage paddlers and their friends and family to take part in and support all our activities.

If you are joining

Go to the Joining Us page to view the costs and benefits of membership and walk through the signing up process.


Our members, along with the parents of our juniors and other supporters, are the club – we volunteer and actively participate in club activities, fundraising and community activities on top of the paddling and competing that we are here for. We encourage all new members to come forward with their ideas, skills and energy to assist in moving the club into the future.

Go to our Training and Competition page for details on training sessions, basic skills and knowledge, and fitness expectations.


For those members planning on or already actively racing, you must be a current financial member of the club and AOCRA in order to compete with us.

Race fees and any nominated costs (such as canoe towage) must be paid in advance to the club before an event. In most cases an invoice will be sent out prior to events but in some circumstances paddlers will have to pay entry fees separately. You will be notified of payment requirements prior to events in all cases.


Remember that club memberships do not cover all the costs of running the club and the purchase and maintenance of equipment including canoes, paddles, safety gear and event gear. Additional costs are covered via fundraising events, sponsorships, grants, and voluntary contributions. It is the club members and their supporters who put in the hard work to get these funds delivered to the club and we would not survive without them.

Fundraising events and aims will be posted on the GCOCC FB Sites and members are expected to contribute to these activities according to their capacity to provide time, skills, ideas and old- fashioned hard cash contributions.

Containers for Change

Fundraising events and aims will be posted on the GCOCC FB Sites and members are expWe are currently a part of the Containers for Change scheme. Bring your eligible containers in to training or drop them off at a CfC site and donate using our Scheme ID C10274396