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Club Culture

We create an inviting atmosphere which unites members.  We promote good sportsmanship.  Our club is family friendly orientated, including juniors and adaptive paddlers.

We encourage everyone to actively participate in all club activities and fundraising so that we may build a better club for all to enjoy.

Our core values are: Respect, Responsibility, Positivity and Innovation.

Respect: All Club Members are to respect the coaches and committee decisions and follow any instruction given.

Responsibility: All Club Members are responsible for their own actions to follow the Club Rules and regulations.

Positivity: The Club is an environment of positivity; each member will be encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities and make a positive contribution to the club in every way.

Innovation: The Club will be innovative in their event hosting and training methods, bringing a refreshing approach to the sport to create growth and develop the sport.

All members will be provided with our club Code of Conduct which we follow always once a membership application has been accepted.