Paddler Information

If you would like to give outrigger canoe paddling a try then

  • Contact Us
  • Call Head Coach – Leigh Paine 0429 093 662
  • Join us at our Location


Your first three sessions are free.  We will supply you with a club paddle to trial.



What to Bring

  • Water friendly clothing
  • Drink bottle or hydration pack
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Change of clothes and towel


If you are not a strong swimmer or cannot tread water for a minimum 10 minutes, we have basic compliant lifejackets to borrow, otherwise bring a Type 1 PFD lifejacket.


Do not bring or wear anything in the canoe that you would be devastated to loose in the ocean.



Mandatory Requirements to Train and compete in Regattas:


  • AOCRA Member
  • Current financial member of Gold Coast Outrigger Canoe Club
  • Have completed a short swim test and treading water
  • Have participated in at least one Huli drill per annum
  • Either have your own, or use of, an outrigging paddle



Visiting Paddlers


All visiting paddlers from other clubs are more than welcome and attendance is at the Head Coach’s discretion. You must be covered by AOCRA insurance if Australian.  If not an AOCRA member, then a waiver form must be signed before hitting the water.